Most Likely Not by Pressboard

In Circles by Echo Island

Eyes March (dj mix) by THE DEMIX

MELT One Year Anninversary presented by 91.7 WMSE

Thursday, January 26th, 9pm, $6
Club Garibaldi's, 2501 S. Superior St.

PRESSBOARD | Zod Records, Member of Collections of Colonies of Bees and Volcano Choir
Pressboard (Jim Schoenecker) is a fan of modular synthesis and a connoisseur of sine waves. He has released electronic music for a variety of labels including Crouton, Zod, Antiopic, Stasisfield and Topscore. He has performed in the U.S. and Japan, and is one-half of the duo Dartanjal. He is a member of Collections of Colonies of Bees and Volcano Choir.

Last year almost to the day (of this event) Pressboard threw down a set of acid techno on live hardware that remains one of the best sets of the whole series. So here we are at year two and ready for round two. This isn't the kind of thing you see that much anymore. LIVE HARDWARE. Throw down your laptops! There's nothing like the real thing.

Influenced by film scores and soundtracks, eclectic rock, left-field electronic music, early rave and DJ culture, The Demix creates cinematic, eerie, genre defying songs, sounds and mixes. He's also the guy responsible for this event and will close out the one year anniversary with apocalyptic beats, breaks, bass and dark soundscapes.

"Anybody who is familiar with Beck's early catalog knows that it was extremely diverse and experimental, seeing the artist rap, sing, growl and make other noises over guitars, drums and various other noises. WC Tank seems to be cut from the same cloth of an early Beck Hansen. He goes in and out of singing and rapping and plays with his voice, acknowledging it as an instrument and not just a vehicle with which to say words. Tank's latest project, an album called "Painghosty Dreamlaughs," is often a frantic and engaging album, mostly because of the intrigue to see where Tank will go with the next song. "Painghosty Dreamlaughs" also comes off as psychedelic electro-rap in a way that conjures up thoughts of Syd Barrett and psychosis while also playing in the land of De Facto on occasion. I'm close to calling the album brilliant, but I need another week or two with it to really see if it holds its level of majesty with me."
- JC Poppe,

Live solo electronics and drums from Madison, WI. Echo Island, aka: Brad Hawes also has played music with The Cemetery Improvement Society, The Projection People, Black Jack Red Queen and Butt Funnel.


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