91.7 WMSE presents MELT #22
The Demix, adoptahighway,
Mrhorror, Steve Teeps, Albydamned
Friday, December 21st, 2012
Club Garibaldis, 1025 S. Superior St.
9pm, $6

Steve Teeple (Teeps, DoubleDrop) is a DJ and digital artist formerly from Milwaukee, currently residing in the the city of Oakland, CA. His work explores the continuously developing relationship between sight and sound, bordering on the surreal, and challenging his viewers perspective Inspired by video game culture, sci-fi, and comics, Steve gives us a glimpse of what it may be like to not just see and hear within our normal range, but to push our senses to see beyond standard limitations and witness a glimpse of the otherworldly. Steve and Mrhorror were the force behind END OF DAZE, a monthly event at the now closed Redroom which brought us a night of forward thinking music from around the world.

Born in Moscow, Russia and heavily influenced by the UK bass and dub scene as well as the hip-hop and R&B greats, Mrhorror plays a unique mix of two-step, funky, and dub. He crafts a danceable vibe, catering to the more emotionally pulling side of electronic music. Mrhorror has supported and shared the stage with artists like The Juan Maclean, Low Limit (Lazersword), Starkey, DJ Dara (Planet Of The Drums), Lotus, Mux Mool, NastyNasty, SALVA, Kraddy, Michael Menert, Slugabed and EOTO.

adoptahighway is the moniker of classically trained music producer Barry Paul Clark. Throughout his years of formal music training and receiving a bachelor’s degree in classical performance, Clark devoted time and efforts to his electronic compositions. The formal training helped Clark in developing a unique sound with knowledge of classical theory, harmony and composition techniques. While drawing inspiration from romantic era to minimalist composers, Clark also gathers inspiration from patterns of thought and memory, physical and non-physical relationships, and using objects to represent an idea or emotion, which is how the moniker of adoptahighway was chosen. Using controllers and performance software, his live shows are energetic, emotive, engaging and honest. Clark firmly believes that, rather than tag genres or artists to his music to give a predetermined expectation, listeners should be encouraged to open their ears and try to find their own connection to the sound.

The man behind BEYOND Awesome, a party dedicated to providing a comfortable, visually exciting, and bass heavy environment. Creating a frenzy of dance where you may smile endlessly, bump your fist, shake your butt, or just lose yourself for a little while, featuring a variety of electronic music ranging from House to Glitch to Dubstep to DNB to Electro. Albydamned is also is local rock group We Are Your Father, set to release their debut album.

An experimental musician and DJ influenced by film scores and soundtracks, eclectic rock and left-field electronic music, The Demix creates cinematic, genre defying sounds built from apocalyptic beats, manipulated samples and bizarre ambience that lie in dark weird corners of the sonic spectrum. He is also responsible for this MELT live music series which has featured a wide variety of notable artists such as Om Unit, Gonjasufi, Eliot Lipp, Lorn, Dolor, adoptahighway, Haywyre, All Tiny Creatures, Signaldrift, Man Mantis, Poor Boy Rich, CCDM, Stagediver, Zerobeat, Made of Oak, Echo Island, Pressboard, The Cemetery Improvement Society, 1913 and Boy Dirt Car.

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