MELT: The Sounds of Time, Leo Minor, Chants, Demix
Saturday, May 30th, 2015
Cactus Club, 2496 S. Wentworth, Milwaukee, WI
10pm, $6

What started as a collaboration during the recording process of "Recession Proof Rap" by Kid Millions turned into a full on project between Millions and producer Sage Schwarm (Codebreaker) along with DJ Deadbeat. With an electro-bass-funk-hip-hop type vibe, they aim at the dance floor & dig deep into influences of Boogie, Funk & Disco. Their latest release is ...AGAIN and available here ->


JTodd (of Def Harmonic) has relaunched his Leo Minor project - A solid mix of 80s post punk vocals, electro-industrial beats, techno, dark wave synths. The Recently released 'Cold War' 7 inch vinyl can be picked up at Rush Mor records in MKE - available on vinyl only, no digital!


Chants, aka producer/drummer Jordan Cohen, creates electronic music that balances beats + bass with emotive melodies and atmospheric field recordings. His most recent album 'I Feel Like I Feel It' was released in 2013 on Hush Hush Records and featured on Thump, Yours Truly, and STYLSS. 2015 brings "Doomsday", a collaboration with Milwaukee rapper WebsterX, and a new album set for release on Hush Hush Records in the fall. Live, Chants mixes electronics with live drumming and has shared stages with Dan Deacon, DJ /Rupture, Venus X, Youngblood Brass Band, Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang, DJAO, and DJ Abilities.


MELT's curator and caretaker wakes the dead with eclectic dj sets and new original material including tracks from the recently released THE GHOST NETWORK • Act 1, 7" inch vinyl on Radiograffiti. Cinematic soundscapes and broken strings angrily collide with 808s and distorted drums on side A, while side B summons The Melvins in hell, creeping quietly along before erupting into an apocalyptic assault.


MELT • Live Electronic and Experimental Music Series • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Earth 1



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