MELT: ZeroBeat, adoptahighway,
The Demix, Night Hunter + more tba

Friday, March 27th, 2015
Cactus Club, 2496 S. Wentworth, Milwaukee, WI
9pm, $6

Having spent the past year or so perfecting their unique and amazing live performances, out favorite midi guitar and electronic drum duo are back to take your face off!
ZeroBeat use electronic drums, MIDI guitar, vocoders, hardware synths and assorted gadgetry to create live electronic music that pushes way past any perceived human performance limitations for the genre. A project started 3+ years ago, ZeroBeat has spent a lot of time getting instruments set up to achieve the vision they have of taking live electronic music to a new level of playability. Both musicians first - Joshua on drums (aka: DJ ANONYMOUS of Addict Records) and Joe on guitar - both have spent many years in various music projects, be it funk, rock, metal, djing, experimental noise, breakcore, jungle/drum&bass, disco……… it all comes through in ZEROBEAT.


adoptahighway is the moniker of classically trained musician Barry Paul Clark. BPC has just released A Fault 12" on lavendar viynl available from wednesday sound - 8 pieces of music with themes including existential dilemmas of obtaining inspiration, cultivating creativity, crippling self doubt, loss of self worth, laughably chaotic self realizations, visceral therapy and the connective thread that holds it all together.
Throughout his years of formal music training and receiving a bachelor’s degree in classical performance, Clark devoted time and efforts to his electronic compositions and explored heavily the world of experimental music. The formal training helped Clark in developing a unique sound with knowledge of classical theory, harmony and composition techniques. Using controllers, performance software and live vocals, his stage presence is energetic, emotive, engaging and honest. Clark firmly believes that, rather than tag genres or artists to his music to give a predetermined expectation, listeners should be encouraged to open their ears and try to find their own connection to the sound.


The Demix
MELT's curator and caretaker is ready to wake the dead armed with new live material including tracks from the recently released THE GHOST NETWORK • Act 1, 7" inch vinyl on Radiograffiti. Cinematic soundscapes and broken synths angrily collide with 808s and distorted drums on side A, while side B summons The Melvins in hell, creeping quietly along before erupting into an intense apocalyptic assault... Much like his live sets.


Night Hunter (aka: Stagediver)
The live debut of a new project from Radiograffiti boss Stagediver, NIGHT HUNTER is inlfuenced by cinematic 80's synths and action movie material.


MELT • Live Electronic and Experimental Music Series • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Earth 1



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