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MELT • Live Electronic and Experimental Music Series • Wisconsin, USA, Earth 1




The Sounds of Time, Leo Minor, Chants

ZeroBeat, adoptahighway, The Demix, Night Hunter, Stratus

Doormouse, Diskore, Pink Abduction Ray, Ghast

Shadowtravel Tour: Nullsleep, Starpause, Stagediver, Pressboard, adoptahigway

DJ Abilities, Destro, WC Tank

3 Year Anniversary: Stunt Rock, adoptahighway, Demix, Stagediver, Horseforce, 80s Teen Movie,
Grackle, Morioukun, Donny & The Robot

30: Stagediver, Stacian

29: Lorn, Dolor, adoptahighway, Demix

28: All Tiny Creatures, Touch People, Light Music

27: Kid Millions & The Sounds of Time

MELT Madison: ZeroBeat, Stagediver, Samarah

26: ZeroBeat, BTS.WRKNG, Moriokun

25: Stagediver, Sirius Booty, Demix

24: Kiings, Oculi, Donny & The Robot

23: MELT Year 3: Dolor, Adoptahighway, Echo Island, Demix

22: Teeps, adoptahigway, Mrhorror

21: Deletah, Stave, Pressboard

20: Gonjasufi

19: Om Unit

18: Lorn 'Ask The Dust' release party

17: Eliot Lipp

16: ZeroBeat

15: adoptahighway 'Terrorvision" vinyl release party

14: MELT 1 Year Anniversary: Echo Island, WC Tank, Pressboard, Demix

13: Nineteen Thirteen

12: ZeroBeat, Man Mantis, adoptahighway

11: Poor Boy Rich, CCDM vs. Stagediver

10: Speakerdust, Stacian

9: All Tiny Creatures

8: Omega Clash, Dolor

7: Boy Dirt Car, ZeroBeat, Peter J Woods

6: Signaldrift, Curtis Chip, Stagediver

5: adoptahighway, Dolor, Samarah, Made of Oak

4: Speakerdust, He Can Jog, Pressboard

3: All Tiny Creatures, adoptahighway, Pressboard, Stagediver

2: LovaNova, Richdad, Boost

1: The Demix, Screendoor, Erik Void, Erika Jean, Anarchist Noize Machina